Fix 35 (purple), Fix 66 (black) and Fix 66 (green) plastic strap.
FIX RING (plastic fixing ring) not included in KIT.

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Fix 35 Purple, Fix 66 Black, Fix 66 Green

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Fix 35 and Fix 66 belts are practical, high-strength plastic belts.

Technical Specifications

  • FIX 35: length 35 cm, colour purple;
  • FIX 66: length 66 cm colour black;
  • FIX 66: length 66 cm, colour green;
  • FIX RING (plastic fixing ring) not included in the KIT.
  • tear-proof, tensile strength up to 90 kg (test rate 200 mm/min) and yet elastic and flexible;
  • very resistant to heat and cold (-30°/+60° C) resistant to seawater and UV.

Suggestions for use

Thanks to their strength and versatility, they are a very practical accessory for securing panniers to each other, for attaching tent poles to the
frame, or for securing a spare inner tube under the saddle.