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The last cyclist who thought Asja's best weapons were her pretty smile and deep blue eyes got a few minutes up the hill and had to take everything back. After closing the doors on her professional career, Asja hasn't forgotten how to ride fast. An ex professional cyclist woman part of Enough? Well, it would have sounded weird to us too if we stopped at the prejudices. In Asja we can still see her determination and diligence of high level athletes, but we can also see the soul of a wild explorer growing day by day. As a matter of fact, we can see clearly a new will to have fun and express herself in ways that were just not possible while competing as a professional. What kept her going and in love with the game throughout her career were adrenaline rushes and blood tasting efforts – all things she will not give up easily and, as a matter of fact, we will not ask her to do such a thing. Actually, she will add to those elements a new way to experience cycling, while traveling and adventuring, on her escape from the dullness she has always kept away from her. With the trusted Yugen by her side of her, she is ready to leave at the search of beauty, better yet if among her of her beloved mountains or in some remote places around the world. Asja just needs the little things – if we want to call them this way – to be happy and now that she has time to do so, she doesn't want to put any limits on herself.

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