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In life, like so much work, I use every free moment to dive into the woods and escape from the concrete chaos. The bicycle is my means of transport, for work or for fun. I love all year round, the long cold periods in the dark with a crisp beard and then I celebrate the arrival of long and hot days with big drifts. On weekends I go to discover fantastic realities like the ones told in adventure books, I would like to go far away but my daddy who is also my boss doesn't always think like me. I love to study itineraries and micro-adventures, alone, with friends or with my super-small CherryMagnum, which has lured me into a night of drunkenness in the past. I like pines, deer, bivouacs and streams, that said you know where to find me.


Adventure: Three Little Pigs in Dolomites

Ride the most beautiful dirt roads and trails, climb the highest off-road mountain passes and ride face to face with incredible rock shapes. Grassy meadows, windy ridges, cabins with a view, local food and craft beer. The adventure begins from the pristine Tires valley, a

The adventurer next door

Michele Minessi is a cyclist. Point. He is someone who simply likes to cycle starting from home or from a short distance away. He seeks his adventures in those spaces that

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