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Do you want to go without fail? Miss Grape Cards are the answer you are looking for. Our gift cards are available in different sizes and can reach any corner of the Universe. Choose your favorite size!


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Why choose the E-Gift Card

Miss Grape bags are ultra resistant, made for true bike enthusiasts, made with Italian artisan care. Choosing to purchase a Miss Grape Card means giving an object that defies time with great quality. A perfect gift idea for a birthday, a graduation party, Christmas or simply because you want to surprise someone. The cycling adventures of those who receive the gift will no longer have any excuse.

All it takes is a few clicks, three to be precise.

Three clicks are enough to purchase the Miss Grape Card.
With the first you choose the value of the voucher, with the second you tell us who it is for, who it comes from and leave a message, with the third you print the voucher to deliver it personally (or we send it a message via post). It's all extremely easy and fun.

You're sure you won't make a mistake

Giving gifts is always difficult. Doing it to a cyclist is almost impossible. Those who love cycling (like us) have specific needs and are extremely demanding. With the Miss Grape Card you avoid any embarrassment and allow those who receive it to have fun choosing from all our proposals, designed for any type of cyclist.

  • Print the gift voucher and deliver it in person or send it via email.
  • It is sent via email. You can choose the shipping day.
  • Valid only for purchases on missgrape.net .
  • They cannot be used to purchase other vouchers/gift cards.
  • They are not retroactive and are not applicable once the order is confirmed.
  • They are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • They are issued in euros, therefore in case of use with a different currency, the value will be that of the date of use.
  • They cannot be returned, refunded or converted into cash.
  • In case of return of a product purchased with a gift card, a new voucher of the corresponding value will be issued.