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Christophe Dijkmans is a mountain biker turned ultra-cyclist. From love of mud to love of suffering. 

Christophe was born in Belgium and inevitably, as soon as he discovered cycling and reached the right age, he began to combine his passion for cycling with good beers. 

In Belgium, people are born as mud lovers: some choose cyclocross, some choose MTB. Christophe chose the latter. 

He was a mountain biker, a marathoner to be precise, who loved to race long distances with big elevation gains on technical trails in the highlands. At some point he decided that a 100-kilometer MTB race was not enough and started looking at ultracycling. 

Dijkmans loves pain and has always had a passion for long distances in him since the beginning of his cycling career, but he discovered ultracycling in 2019 after his first bikepacking trip. Since then, his passion for long distance and bikepacking trips has grown more and more. In 2021, he participated in his first ultra race, and as soon as he started racing, he was on the podium. 

This was followed by the Silk Road Mountain Race and the 2VS, both of which he finished in 4th place. This year he had the opportunity to participate in the Mittelgebirge Classic and Transpyrénées, which he finished 3rd and 2nd respectively. 

Throughout this adventure he has trusted Miss Grape gearboxes from the beginning because, according to him, they are like Belgian beers: beautiful, strong and reliable. 

The ideal setup of Miss Grape is Cluster 7, Internode 2, Node Road and Tendril 10.7. 

For Christophe Dijkmans it's time for more races and trips on road, dirt or mountain bike, but keep your eyes peeled for him: he's very, very fast.


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