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Get around the city by bike. But do it in style.

In the city the bike becomes a means of urban transport. You can go to work, university or shopping. For those who ride bikes in the city, we worked hard to create a useful and beautiful bikepacking bag. One of those accessories that never go out of fashion, designed to be forever . For this reason we chose a fabric worked by an Italian manufacturing company. Just touch the bag to feel the craftsmanship and the research into the raw material.

Small in size
but big in resistance

Also appreciated by road cyclists and gravel enthusiasts . Positioned on the handlebars, it is not afraid of tackling pavements, traffic, parks: it has internal padding and a zip that make it absolutely resistant. And when it rains? With the water-resistant treatment it can defend itself in style.


Handlebar bag ideal for urban, road and gravel . Modern lines and compatible with all bicycles. Made with Weather-resistant material.

77 €

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