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What is also important is to create them as responsibly as possible.

Our approach

We at Miss Grape have always been committed to creating quality bikepacking bags and unique and unforgettable travel experiences. Constantly improving performance and striving for quality has brought us to where we are today and will always be part of our DNA, but over the years our thinking has gone further. We now know that the best performance and high quality of our products are no longer enough, what is also important is to create them as responsibly as possible.
We have realised that this is a journey, not an end point. And this 'adventure' is not so different from the process of creating one of our bags. It requires new ideas and new concepts, then testing them, evaluating them and repeating the process until we achieve results we can be truly proud of. It will take time and special attention, but we are really motivated to take on this challenge, which is not as easy as it may seem. In the following we want to tell you about some of the actions we have already taken, others that are in progress, and still others that we want to activate in the future. We are always keen to be transparent, which is why this page will be updated regularly to keep you informed of our progress. We are also convinced that open and constructive discussion can only bring great benefits, so please do not hesitate to write to us at any time.

Logistics and Packaging

We constantly strive to reduce consumption, starting with logistics. To simplify, this means that we breathe cleaner air as fewer containers travel from our factories to our warehouses (the longest part of the journey before arriving at your home). We have also reduced packaging and looked for opportunities to launch environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Repairs and Replacements

We have learnt over the years to make products that last. This commitment has inspired us to consider special design choices and to patent new processes that ensure that when we create a product, it can be easily repaired. For example, we switched from a heat-sealed bag to a seam. This is because it has enabled us to greatly extend the life of our bag. However, all this requires intensive testing, both in our laboratories and in the field, and years of research, intelligent design solutions that allow us to quickly and efficiently extend the life of our bags, which only need a little care and love after being used for many years. Simply put, if we do it right, there is a difference between a complete replacement and the replacement of a small component, which can extend the life of a product.

Chemicals and REACH

To produce textiles with the required qualities and characteristics, chemicals must be used. Chemicals do not have to be harmful, it is a matter of making the right choices. And that is exactly what we strive to do every day. We are affected by the European chemicals regulation REACH and have it as a guideline in our work with chemicals. The purpose of REACH is to ensure a high level of safety for people's health and the environment against the risks that chemicals can cause. To ensure that the rules to which we, our products and our production system are subject are respected, we are demanding of our suppliers. We require suppliers to accept our list of banned substances and to guarantee that products do not contain banned or restricted substances.

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