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Gravellata - 2BROS Creative


If you put together creativity, gravel, the desire to travel and add a pinch of colour, like the pop of the 80s (which we confess, we always like), the result is a recipe that is certainly interesting. This is why Miss Grape is proud to be a partner of Gravellata.

Gravellata is an illustration and gravel project, created and told by 2BROS Creative . The guys at 2BROS wanted to combine their work with their passion for cycling. During their "gravellate" they will be equipped with a capsule of colored products with their designs. They will tell us their adventures with a camera and with their illustrations.

Miss Grape has created a capsule of limited edition products dedicated to Gravellata, colourful, fun and unique bags, perfect for those who don't want to go unnoticed.

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