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Long live Bikepacking

Lightweight, sustainable, made with care in Italy, designed to last forever.

We wanted a well-made, high-quality , innovative and technological , hand-built with the artisan methods of the past, sustainable and respectful of the environment , but above all we wanted a resistant and long-lasting bag . After a few years of trials, tests and research, we have found a material recognized precisely for its resistance to tears and breakages . It is a ripstop nylon already used in the ballistic and medical fields, but which no one had used before in the bike world.


Handmade in Italy

Quality is the most important thing for us. And this is demonstrated by the choice to make the bags by Italian artisans . We've looked for the best around here, those who work by hand with the same care as it used to be done in the old days. The choice fell on a laboratory in Treviso, easily reachable from our headquarters. Here, expert pattern makers and product technicians lend us their skills every day to create bags of the highest quality .

Research and innovation

It took some time, but in the end we found the perfect material with incredible anti-tear , which even if you were to cut it, it is impossible for it to tear . We have chosen nylon as the main ingredient of our bags because it is a synthesis between comfort and resistance. A dotted fabric called nylon 420 which makes the bags light, robust and extremely durable against atmospheric agents.

REACH certification

Technical textile materials necessarily use chemicals. These aren't necessarily harmful, it's about making the right choices. We were interested in the European chemicals regulation REACH and have adopted it as a guideline in our work. The objective is to ensure a high level of safety for people's health and the environment . This is why we are demanding of our suppliers: we require suppliers to accept our list of banned substances and to guarantee that products do not contain banned or restricted substances.

Ethical and sustainable

Designing bags designed to last and not break means shaking hands with an ethical and sustainable approach to purchasing. We want our bags to be a forever purchase , exactly the opposite of disposable fashion. This commitment has inspired us to consider special design choices and patent new processes that ensure that when we create a product, it can be easily repaired.


To make the bags easily repairable we switched from a heat-sealed bag to a seam . This has allowed us to greatly extend the life of our bag. All this requires intensive testing, both in our laboratories and in the field, years of research, intelligent design solutions. Simply put, we build our bags with the idea of ​​providing for small replacements and not a complete replacement.

Manic stitching

Are external or internal details more important? We don't know the answer: we put the same effort into refining both. 420 nylon dotted fabric , to the stitching, to the double PVC coating : everything is designed to give a specific identity to the bags, making them recognizable and resistant to use for eternity .

Refined design

Our goal is to design bags that meet the requests of the most demanding cyclists. Easy to assemble , versatile because they are suitable for all occasions of use , with an eye towards tradition, but modern in shape. In short, those bags that make you ask: “How beautiful! But where did you get them?”.


Ours is a unique system, all ours. Our bags are sewn manually and not heat-sealed as normally happens with waterproof bags, but they are equally waterproof. We made this possible thanks to a technical bag inside the bag which is positioned like a film. A new way of interpreting waterproof.

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