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We are all cyclists.

We are all in search of places surrounded by nature amidst evocative and scenic landscapes.
More and more, taking a photo with a semi-automatic or mobile phone has become a necessity and a modern way of sending virtual postcards to our friends, but also to relive certain emotions once the trip is over.


Terre di Casole Bike Hub is Italy's first bike hub and bike destination in the heart of Tuscany.
An ideal destination for cycle tourists, competitive cyclists and visitors seeking a tailor-made experience.
A container that combines the world of cycling and adventure with experiences, places and people to live and share a 'style' and 'quality' of life, in which the passage of time has a slower pace.

The September light and the Sienese countryside will provide an endless sequence of images and suggestions that are just begging to be contemplated and savoured on two wheels and behind the camera.


In this particular year, where the natural distancing of the bicycle proves ideal for sharing experiences and places in total safety, the appointment of La Tripla is transformed.
Since the first edition, this cycling tourism event has consolidated a following of enthusiasts, a community of cyclists who live the experience in a new key, of a healthy sport of sharing, where competition is replaced by friendship and love for the bicycle, and cycling tourism is combined with an experience of discovering the territory.
Three tailor-made routes are confirmed, over three days and with three variants of the Tuscan landscape, one also at night, and an unprecedented combination with a bike-themed photography workshop is added.
An entire weekend of cycling and photography in the morning in the company of our cycling guides and professional photographer Paolo Ciaberta, and a post-production lesson and photo review in the afternoon.


Professional photographer for travel and bike magazines with 20 years' experience and Olympus ambassador. An expert in travel reportage, he collaborates with the best magazines in the sector (Dove, TouringClub, Rouleur Magazine, Peloton Magazine, Alvento, Soigneur, Far Ride and many others) as well as having worked with the main companies in the bike sector (Rapha, Pedaled, Castelli, Sportful, Santini, MissGrape, Dromarti, Campagnolo, Titici, BrooksEngland etc)

Turning emotions into images is a talent that can be cultivated and trained.
Paolo Ciaberta, will take participants on a dynamic photographic exploration, improving photographic technique and taking it to a higher level, but above all focusing on 'how to look at what you photograph'.

"It will be the landscapes that will drive the inspiration, we will cycle to find the best views, the vantage points, we will be guided by nature and we will experience three days of photographic storytelling."


The weekend will not only amaze with its enchanting scenery and offer unforgettable shots, but will also be interspersed with excellent cuisine and excellent local wine with tastings and experiences to match.
Participation is open to all, it is not necessary to be a professional, a weekend designed for those who want to treat themselves to a short holiday by combining a stay in one of the many resorts and agritourisms in the area, but equally attractive to the proximity tourist, the many Tuscans who have decided to explore the small villages behind their homes this summer and want to return to the Val d'Elsa.

Where : Casole d'Elsa
When : from 4 to 6 September 2020
For info and reservations :
[email protected]


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