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Pachamama is a gravel adventure series told by Orbea . A way of seeing gravel as it should have been in its origins. One ride after another, calmly, to go far away, to places never seen, only with our bicycle, loaded bags and that senseless desire for the unknown.

Gravel as freedom of the spirit, a tool to explore and reach less traveled places. By telling stories, Orbea Pachamama wants to encourage adventurous spirits, whether they are cyclists or not, to live their own cycling adventures.

The 6th episode of the Pachamama series talks about Italy. It fits into the Miss Grape bags by 100Canesio and follows in the footsteps of the Marchi family, Romagna DOC people who have always preserved an immemorial tradition.

This is the story of a prodigious artefact, the mangle, a machine capable of exciting Leonardo da Vinci and the greatest engineers of the Middle Ages.

Even today, in Santarcangelo di Romagna, there is a working mangle, Alfonso managed to keep it away from fire and war when he was just a boy.

The passion for his work and for his land brings us today to the extraordinary Valmarecchia valley.

A journey through time, timeless, towards an otherworldly land.


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