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When you like something, you do it almost without realizing it. to Mattia De Marchi , given that he likes to travel many, many kilometers on his bicycle. To be precise, he just completed 360 in just over 13 hours, winning The Traka , one of the most iconic gravel races on the European scene. This time it wasn't a solitary ride through the dust of the thousand dirt roads that open up from the walls of the city of Girona, but rather a 2-way challenge. A close duel with Lachlan Morton, another icon of the ultracycling world.

In 2021, in his first participation in the Spanish race, Mattia won by using all his skills, but he did it alone, which allowed him to make mistakes. Mistakes that were really useful to him this year because, this year, to be able to put his wheel in front of Morton's he didn't have to make any mistakes.

Last year I came to Spain for the first time to participate in The Traka, with the wrong set up, no nutrition strategy, a track to follow and nothing else. I return a year later with more experience and awareness. No one is born ready or with solutions in their pocket. You get to know each other by pedaling, making mistakes and trying again."

The Traka is a RACE, 360 km to be covered in just over 13 hours at a crazy speed, which is why Mattia De Marchi chose a minimal set up for his 3T Exploro. A Node Road 2H on the top tube and a Bud, nothing more, nothing less than the essentials. When you only have speed in mind you have to have with you only what you need, but above all you have to mount an imaginary Cluster20 full of determination and Mattia has plenty of that.

A pride for Michele Boschetti : “Being alongside Mattia when he proves to be, even without showing it, a true icon of the ultracycling world for me and for all of Miss Grape is truly an honor. It's by watching these athletes that we get the inspiration to do new things and to improve ourselves every time."
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