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Cento Canesio loves bikes, beer and snoopy. If you get a chance to meet him he'll probably like you too. Cento began his career at the end of the 80s, immersing himself more and more in the Italian and world Graffiti scene. This passion and the people he had the honor of meeting only influence his life and his character. Little by little, in addition to Graffiti, the doors of Graphic Design opened to him. His passion for cycling began about ten years ago, initially with the alleycat and fixed gear bike scene, then he started traveling the world playing in many Bike Polo tournaments, he loves Singlespeed Cyclocross races, he loves cycling both off road and on road, but as soon as he finds the time he doesn't miss the opportunity to go on bikepacking trips. Cento is also the founder of the Tigers BPC crew. He is Miss grape's friend from day one.


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