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Our  Mattia De Marchi is enjoying it, and with him also his "partner" Enough
Last March 19th they loaded their Miss Grape bags – as little as possible – because 
the goal was to win the  GranGuanche Audax , an anomalous gravel race in
700 km self-sufficiency in the Canary Islands. 
How is it possible to cover 700km of gravel on small islands like the Canary Islands?  
Well, you just need to be able to catch the ferry. During the GranGuanche Audax, the time limit  
it is marked by the departure of the ferry to the next islands, and who reaches on time 
the last race to the last island proves to be “Audax”. 
A classic ultra-cycling race, but in Audax spirit. Participants can run in groups  
and give each other a hand to never arrive late for an appointment with others 
ferry. The breaks are almost timed and the average speeds must be  
strictly respected. If you do everything perfectly, travel 600 km with 14,000 m of  
elevation gain should take 32h 35min on the bike, averaging 19.3km/h, plus 5h 25min 
in transfers between the islands by ferry. 
Anyone who knows a little about the world of gravel ultracycling knows well that this is the type of race that 
it appeals to the guys from Enough. And in fact there were 6 Enoughs who prepared the bikes and set off.  
Rapid Red Carbon wheels with Pirelli Cinturato M 700x40C tyres, with your choice of gear ratios 
lightest possible for the Campagnolo Ekar: 38 at the front and 10-44 at the rear. 
MissGrape Internode bags and a  Cluster 7 , waterproof and nice compact. Two in front
Bud  for the important things, just the essentials for sleeping: no sleeping bag, but bivy and
emergency cover. 
We could use a hundred different phrases to describe the GranGuanche Audax of the guys from 
Enough  , but we could never convey their passion as much as their words.
“To make a long story short it was all incredibly intense and beautiful for everyone. We cycled  
day and night in the most diverse and incredible scenarios we have ever seen. And yes, we have  
achieved some results, which never hurts. Mattia and Manuel are first and second in the  
individual ranking, Fede and Frank second in the pairs ranking and Asja finished 
second in the women's category." 
When we talk about Enough and races we know that the general classification is also among the objectives, e.g 
it is no coincidence that the 2022 edition was won by Mattia De Marchi in front of him 
partner Manuel Truccolo, and that Asja finished in second place.  
You say Enough, you say fun, friendship and relaxation. But between the start and the finish line it is  
competitive spirit and knife between the teeth. 
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