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Hanna Lutz is one of those cyclists who couldn't go a day without pedaling, a cycloaholic. A German from Ludwigsburg, a small town just outside Stuttgart on the banks of the Neckar River, she has been pedaling since she can remember, but was never allowed to use a road bike. Then one day in 2016 she walked into a bike store and bought one. Too big for her, but that was unimportant. What mattered was pedaling. Seeing her pedaling on that unsuitable bike, a close friend of hers decided to give her the best gift: to build her a custom bike. As soon as Hanna got on that bike the love of two-wheeled pedals invaded her heart and soul.

Bikes, lots of bikes, more and more bikes. What attracts him are long rides, travels, and so together with some friends he crosses the French Alps from the mountains to the Sea.

Hanna's passion is all about the "right friendships," namely finding a group of friends in Stuttgart who share her same passion and her same way of looking at cycling: no tables, no coaches, just fun, long bikepacking trips and fast fixed-gear travel. 

Hanna doesn't really train; her workout is the daily 40 km to and from work, plus the endless days in the saddle on weekends. More than training, we would call it a lifestyle.

Hanna calls herself a true cyclist, not because she has a gleaming, polished bike (on which, to our pride) Miss Grape bags are proudly displayed, but mostly because she feels that without the bike her life would be empty. For her, every moment of her life involves cycling: going to work, visiting friends, on vacation. She has never had a car, she doesn't need one, just a bike and a train ticket (and living in Germany, Ed.) to get everywhere.

Through biking and traveling, Hanna has met great people, but more importantly, she has discovered enchanted places that she would never have savored in the same way traveling fast in a car. Once, as soon as she descended the Oberallpass in Switzerland, she found herself in front of a magnificent mountain lake, the clear, almost silvery water reflecting the high peaks that surrounded it. Stendhal syndrome, we might venture, the fact remains that she never wanted to leave so beautiful was it. This is the real motivation that drives Hanna to travel: it is the search for beauty, fun and novelty. 

There are also "feats" in his cycling history, such as the journey from Geneva to Nice, or the world-famous Route de Grandes Alpes, 684 km, 15 Alpine passes and 15,713 meters of elevation gain, covered entirely on a fixed-gear bicycle.

"So many beautiful places, so much pain in my legs, and so many great friends around me, that I think it's my best cycling memory."

Hanna is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to live their life in the saddle, because the only thing that really matters is pedaling, eating ice cream as a reward, and never taking the Miss Grape Tendril 4.10 off the handlebars, because in there is the essentials for every bike ride, from home-to-work commuting to big rides--because when you leave home, you never know where the road will take you. 

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