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When a passion is strong enough to become your everything, at that point the best thing to do is to turn it into a job. This is more or less what Matteo and Andrea did when they started the Rolling Dreamers project.  

The idea was born from the desire to share the passion for sport and travel. What started as a single adventure – cycling from Florence to Barcelona to take part in a triathlon – got a little out of hand and evolved into something much more, a real job , but also in a way to share adventures with cyclists from all over the world, always and only united by the love of two wheels and the discovery of new places and new roads.  

Discovery, fun and shared experiences are the fundamental ingredients of all our cycling tours. All their cycling trips in Italy have been created to help cyclists experience authentic cycling adventures, in the name of safety, exclusive service and attention to every detail.

With gravel bike rental, technical assistance, logistical support, advice on the best places to eat, transfers and overnight stays along the route - independently or accompanied by bike guides - the "Rolling-holidays" are also an opportunity to discover the charm of the city of unparalleled art such as Florence, Siena and Rome, and to enjoy the spectacle of the "white roads" of the Tuscan hills, pedaling along routes such as the Via Francigena with over a thousand years of history behind it.

Expert guides who travel the best roads that Tuscany has to offer. Whether it's road cycling on the Chianti climbs or an epic full day of gravel cycling, the Rolling Dreamers – as the name suggests – create pedaling dreams. Not only in Italy, but also in two-wheel paradises like the story they told us about their trip to the Canary Islands.  

Whether it's a one-day road bike tour from Florence, a multi-day gravel tour or bikepacking, riding the Via Francigena and exploring the wild nature of Abruzzo, the goal is always to pedal everywhere as if it were the first time. 

And for such an adventurous project, a reliable partner is needed. The partnership with Miss Grape was born from this necessity. As the Rollings say “You can't go wrong, that's why we need bags that always work, whatever the conditions”. And there's more. “We are committed to making sport a means of sharing positive values, linked to respect for oneself, others and for the planet; values ​​that we share with the Miss Grape family."

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