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Valarsa is a clothing brand from Vicenza specialized in the production of trousers. The brand takes its name from the "Vallarsa", a wild valley in the Pre-Alps, scenario of the Great War, which today is a destination for hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

We immediately fell in love with this brand that creates trousers capable of bringing together three worlds of clothing: workwear, outdoor and militaria.

There are many things we have in common: Made in Italy , the desire to make timeless products, sustainability, the precise selection of raw materials, the idea of ​​a long-lasting product that can be repaired. For this reason it was absolutely natural to choose to do something together. And so we put our name on two models of Valarsa trousers: Sumano and Scarubi . Two iconic models of the brand that are perfect for those who, like us, are never still. “I was looking for trousers to work, ride a bike, cycle, walk, go to a restaurant, light a fire, be comfortable on a plane, use on a motorbike, go climbing, go harvesting, run with my daughter, use at my boyfriend's wedding best friend, stay comfortable in hammock.
I wanted it to be super durable and also extremely comfortable. I wanted it handmade. I wanted it made in Italy. Then I met Valarsa and discovered that our entrepreneurial adventure not only runs in parallel, but the production is actually done close to where I lived for 30 years. And so I found my trousers." Michele Boschetti – Founder Miss Grape

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