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We are extremely demanding cyclists

Our bikepacking bags are designed for people
like us who love things done well.

We are Miss Grape

We are a brand of bike bags that we created first of all for ourselves because cycling and bikepacking are in our DNA.
Maybe this is why we are satisfied with only the best: few frills, attention to detail, maximum reliability.
Our headquarters is an old industrial space in Rovigo , a few bike rides from Venice, where there are bright windows that feel like being outside, a concrete floor like the streets we cycle on and spacious containers where - almost as if they were a playroom - we hide bicycles, surfboards, skis.
In short, we really enjoy doing what we do.

Against the wind by nature

Miss Grape was born in 2012, but it was already in the air in 2005 when our friend Marco Costa introduced us to bikepacking. In those years he was involved in long bike trips around the world, he needed to organize his little luggage, he was a precursor of bikepacking. Thanks to him we understood how important it was to have resistant bikepacking bags and how difficult it was to find them on the market. So, we made them, with our rules. We wanted them indestructible, handmade, at the right cost: we studied the best materials, we looked for experienced Italian artisans , we connected people to our product via the web.

Who is Miss Grape?

Miss Grape – Miss Grape – is a real little girl named Viola . When she announced her arrival, her mother was busy harvesting the family winery. Hence the nickname of her friends, Little Miss Grape. In the same days his father, Michele Boschetti, was designing his line of bike bags. He decided to call her, of course, Miss Grape.

The founder

“Today Miss Grape is a team , but until a few years ago I was a one man band. My passion for cycling was born from the desire to go to the mountains: I wanted to go climbing and get there without using the car. So, although the passion for two wheels has always been in me, I am not really a cyclist. I would rather define myself as a former mountaineer."
Michele Boschetti |
The Nure CEO Miss Grape
What thought do you associate with the bicycle?
My wife told me a beautiful anecdote. One day her high school teacher told her that she rode a bicycle because the wind in her face put her ideas in order. For me the bike is just this, I couldn't explain it better.
What do you feel like saying to those who have never cycled?
To try. It's easy, fun, healthy and has no particular contraindications. The first time it just hurts your bottom a little, but then it goes away and the smile returns.
What makes you feel good.
My wife. My daughter. My family. The snow. Off-piste skiing. The carbonara. Music, yes music. Tuscany. Driving my van, alone. Speak in English and then explain that I don't know English. Lemon ice cream but also pistachio ice cream. And the coffee granita with cream and brioche. The rain while I'm in the tent. The rain while I pedal. Ride at night and see the sunrise. Sleeping on Etna and hearing her singing. Being naked in the sauna but also at the seaside. My daughter's breath. My wife scolding me for something I forgot. Sleeping in a hammock hanging from a tree. The tattoos.
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